Product Description

A Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) images a surface with atomic resolution using an electrically biased probe.  In this technique, the STM user brings the probe in close proximity to a surface and establishes a tunneling current.  While holding current constant, the probe is rastered across the surface and the relief map created from this motion is a direct representation of the atomic structure of the surface. At a given location, the user may also sweep voltage and obtain highly localized information on the electronic structure of the sample in a measurement call scanning tunneling spectroscopy.

Tiptek's ultra-sharp STM probes have the following characteristics:

Material Cylindrical Polycrystalline Tungsten
Probe Diameter 0.25 mm
Length 10-12 mm
Nominal Tip Radius
of Curvature
< 7 nm
Package Quantity Box of 5