Product Description

NP Nanoprobes

Tiptek’s NP nanoprobes are industry leading, tungsten-based probes with a hard, sharp, and conductive apex and a clean, debris-free probe surface. Tiptek offers a range of nanoprobe products for advanced and future technology nodes, electrical testing, and for nano and micro-manipulation.

Sharp Available with critical radii of curvature (ROC) as low as 1 nm for use in all advanced semiconductor nodes. Almond-shaped tip apices provides mechanical robustness and stability.
Long Life Hard tungsten-based probes provide numerous tip surface touches.
Low-Contact Resistance Materials of construction give metallic conductivity for accurate and repeatable electrical measurements. Probe resistance is typically less than 50 Ω after cross cleaning.
Long Shelf Life Packaged probes remain stable for a minimum of 6 months.
Robustly Packaged Vacuum packed in ESD-safe water/air barrier packaging to prevent ESD damage in transit and minimize oxide formation.
Widely Applicable Available for Thermo Fisher Scientific nProbers (II, III, and IV), Imina, Kleindieke and Hitachi nanoprober systems. Available in straight or bent configurations. Custom lengths and angles available.
Low eV Compatible Tiptek nanoprobes can be used for nanoprobing at voltages as low as 100 eV in Thermo Fisher Scientific nProber III and IV systems.
Reliable & Consistent Results Tiptek nanoprobes are dependable and improve the output, accuracy, and speed of your failure analysis workflow.
Repeatable Tiptek probes are sharp and uniform for dependable results every time.
Timely Delivery Orders typically ship within 15 business days after receipt of purchase order.
Guaranteed Satisfaction If you are not fully satisfied with your use of Tiptek nanoprobes, we will replace them free of charge.


Model Type NP-3 NP-5 NP-10 NP-20 NP-35 NP-50 NP-100 NP-250 NP-500
Nominal ROC (nm) <3 <5 <10 <20 <35 <50 <100 <250 <500
Wire diameter (mm) 0.25
Nominal Probe Length (mm) 13 (depending on nanomanipulator system)
*Custom bend angles and probe lengths available.

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