Tiptek to Showcase its Nanoprobe Product Line at ISTFA 2022

September 16, 2022

Savoy, Illinois (September 16, 2022) – Tiptek, the leading U.S. manufacturer and supplier of high quality nanoprobes for diagnostics and fault-testing of microelectronic devices, will exhibit at the 48th International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis October 30th-November 3rd in Pasadena, California.

Tiptek’s hard, conductive, and ultra-sharp probes - manufactured at the company’s Savoy, Illinois production facilities - are designed to support the entire process of semiconductor fabrication, from design to production. The probes are ideally suited to locate transistor and metallization faults, and thereby solve design problems and improve production yields.  More generally, they can be used whenever electrical defects lead to problems in microelectronic device performance.

Company co-founder and CEO, Dr. Scott Lockledge, will greet you and introduce Tiptek’s products at Booth 307 during the event organized by ASM International.  “Our products are U.S. sourced and produced,” said Lockledge. “They are already used to diagnose the most advanced chips and are used by major semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. We’re excited to share our products with a broader audience at ISTFA 2022.”

In today’s complex integrated circuits, failure analysis engineers locate faults among billions of transistors using scanning-electron-microscope-based nanoprobers. In these systems, the probe plays a critical role – it must be hard, sharp, conductive, and able to survive multiple contacts with a surface. Tiptek offers two nanoprobe products to efficiently locate transistor and metallization defects: NP and LC nanoprobes. NP nanoprobes provide long life and reliable consistent results.  In addition to these properties, LC nanoprobes have low contact resistance with little or no cross cleaning required before use; they are well suited to advanced node semiconductors with features that are 20 nanometers and below.  For more information see tiptek.com/nanoprobes.

ISTFA is the premier event for the microelectronics failure analysis community and provides an exciting venue to showcase Tiptek’s cutting edge nanoprobes.


Scott Lockledge